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What Will OpenAI And ChatGPT Do For Our Industry?

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John Summer established JTZ Enterprise in 1995.  John is well respected in the automotive industry by his peers, car dealers new and used, vendors, and colleagues.  He has spoken to 20 Groups, multiple VIADA and NIADA Conventions, and VIADA Dealer Days.  John Summer served as Co-Chairman of the VIADA Professional Development Committee and on the MVDB Internet Advertising Task Force Committee. John has been a Consultant to Automotive Dealers for over 25 years for not only his extensive knowledge of regulations and compliance, but his expertise in advertising and marketing in the automotive industry.


We have all heard the buzz about OpenAI and ChatGPT.  For those who have not grasped what these things are, let me define them. OpenAI is just the name of the company that has developed an Artificial Intelligence API that goes by the same name.  This API utilizes Chat GPT, specifically GPT-4 (version 4).  This is a natural language processor that allows for human-like conversations that are more realistic than any chat bot experience you may have had.

Compare it to what it will do to telephone answering.  Now you get a pre-recorded message containing instructions.  Imagine if you heard a voice that sounded so real it made you think you were talking to a human.  When you ask a question, the voice responds in a natural way.

Now, we all heard Elon Musk and others come out recently warning everyone we should all pause our development of this new language processor for six months to give society a chance to survive.  You see, for the first time, man has created something that learns. ChatGPT is learning every day.  The fear is that we could get ahead of ourselves and develop something that will overtake us.  One big thing worth noting is that their declaration for a pause in development was only for versions greater than Version 4.  However, I hate to disappoint Mr. Musk, but that ship has already left the dock!  Industries of all types have already developed new and innovative products using ChatGPT and we have not even scratched the surface.

Right away, the team at JTZ Enterprise began exploring ways to put this new technology to use.  The first application we found for it will revolutionize how vehicles are advertised!  Let’s start with the Personal Description of a listing. When adding a vehicle to any dealer portal there is a field where you can put the “little old lady drove it to church” kind of story.  That field is there to allow for some personalization about each vehicle. Too often, though, a dealer may get into a rut with their descriptions, and they all start to sound the same. We have a dealer who was saying, “This Nissan looks great and runs even better” then on another listing you would see, “This Ford runs great and looks even better!”  Their comments did not add anything to the description and in some ways may have distracted the consumer.

When entering a comment at our portal, you could have a button that reads, “Fetch ChatGPT”. When you click on it you get back a description that sounds like the manufacturer wrote it the year that automobile came out!  There appears to be no limit on model years!  Recently, I purchased a unique Square Body. It is a 1978 Chevrolet K20 full-time four-wheel drive.  When we asked ChatGPT to describe this vehicle it knew this was something Chevrolet produced only one year, and that was 45 years ago!

It does not stop there.  If you want to be transparent about your advertising, we can get this feature to return a Positive, Neutral, and Negative response about each vehicle.

Next, JTZ Enterprise has begun implementing this Chat GPT feature into our Auto responses to email leads, SMS conversations, and Messenger messages.  We will have the ability to program these auto responses to know and communicate all the most popular questions you field every day, such as:

Do you finance?

What are your hours?

What kind of cars do you sell?


And all the while your consumer will think they are talking to a human!

Elon Musk and others have brought up some legitimate concerns.  All I can add is that similar concerns came up when we started stretching electric wires all over big urban areas. There was a concern that phones would ruin society.  The fear of the unknown is understandable. At JTZ Enterprise, we turn that fear into opportunity! Let us get your Internet advertising on track, today!

By John Summer, JTZ Enterprise, LLC

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