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Custom Car Dealership Websites

One-size platform does NOT Fit all dealerships.

The JTZ Enterprise website platform is built from the ground up so that your website is not like any other dealership. Your dealership is not like everyone else so why would you want your website to look like everyone else? Having a custom website is a start, but it’s not enough.

Google prefers websites to be responsively designed. Responsive websites automatically adjusts itself to display properly on any screen size, including large desktop computer monitors, laptops, tablets, and small smartphones. Car buyers move between devices frequently as they conduct vehicle research, you want their shopping viewing experience to be perfect every step of the way. Our Responsive Car Dealership Websites are designed by real Designers, Developed by Programmers, and Implemented by SEO Experts.

Expect Our Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Dealership Websites to:

  • Increased traffic through all mobile devices
  • Increased mobile page views
  • Increased time spent per page
  • Increased qualified leads
  • Improved SEO rankings

JTZ Enterprise is focused on helping dealers increase leads, sales, and profit by optimizing their website performance. JTZ Enterprise is data-driven and gives our customers access to the same data we use, so we use Google Analytics and give our dealers complete access to any and all data on their websites’ performance and results.

Not only do we help our dealers understand the ROI on their marketing and website, but we help them measure click-through and inventory search usage to help them optimize their websites and sell more vehicles.

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