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Customer Relations Management (CRM)

In today’s market, a dealership needs to make the most out of every lead and at the same time know which lead providers are performing and which ones are not. The more places you find to advertise online, the more spread out your leads become. Leads and stats from one advertiser were available to dealerships only at each advertiser’s website. With SAO’s CRM you now have access to all your leads in one place, regardless of what advertiser generated them. Each lead identifies the source, the prospect and the vehicle they are interested in. You can respond and reply to leads, assign them to sales people, grade them by indicating each lead resulted in a sale, a follow up, etc. For the first time, you can see all your advertisers on one screen, store their costs and in return get real time Return On Investment stats such as cost per lead, cost per sale, etc. It will not take you long to see which of your advertisers are paying off as well as identify any that may not be. We do mean ALL your leads, regardless of whether it is an email, a text message, a phone call, a Messenger conversation, they are all combined into one area making it easy for you to get the most out of every lead and every advertising dollar!


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