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Messenger Bot

The Messenger bot is one of the coolest new features we have rolled out! It works with your Facebook Business Page's Messenger account. Our bot has a light, medium, and high setting. The light version is simply making the Messenger conversation between you and your consumers possible by adding the messenger icon all throughout your site. When a customer wants to reach out to you, they decide how that will happen, either by phone, in person, via email or through Messenger. When they choose Messenger, their message goes directly to you (or your staff) and the conversation includes just you and the consumer.

The medium version of the bot has the same stuff that light has; only now all those conversations get stored on our server. This makes it possible for you to log into (SAO) at any point and review all past conversations going back at least one year. If you remember having a conversation with someone wanting a Spider, for instance, but you didn't have any at the time, you could search your messages in SAO's dealer portal, find that original conversation, and respond via Messenger without leaving SAO!

The Heavy version of the bot has all the same features as the first two versions, but this 3rd version offers Auto Reply using AI. Artificial Intelligence still comes off as artificial, but if your staff is too busy selling cars to stop and respond to every lead coming in from Messenger, we can help keep that conversation going until a staff member is free to take over the conversation.

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