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Organic SEO

Having a website is not enough. You could have the best designed website but without Search Engine Optimization, your website is the best kept secret!

JTZ Enterprise goes the extra mile and creates Custom Metas to register your website with search engines.

JTZ Enterprise adds “SEO Friendly URLs" to your website. In short, it is easier for search engines and your customers to get information about the contents of each page of the website we design from just the address.

JTZ Enterprise is proud to state that we are the only website company which adds Google Structured Data.

Metas are also placed on each and every piece of inventory in stock. This means if one “googles” 2000 Honda and you have a 2000 Honda in stock; that Honda will appear in the search results linking to your 2000 Honda VDP.

We also provide a breadcrumb feature which means every time a customer visits your website, you are able to view how the consumer navigates your website and what pages consumers clicked on and for how long they were on there before they reached out to you in email format.


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