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Price Alerts | Save Feature

Staying engaged with anonymous online shoppers is hard to do. Yet, the appeal of the Internet to the consumer is that anonymity. The better you do at staying in contact with these shoppers, the more consumers you get converted into buyers! JTZ Enterprise has developed a feature that allows both parties to get what they want! When a shopper sees a listing on your site but they are not quite ready to purchase it, they are able to sign up for Alerts and/or store that listing on their computer. When they revisit your site in the future, the saved listing(s) are still stored. They can use the tool to compare similar listings head to head and use your site to monitor their desired items to be certain they are still in stock when they are ready to purchase. If the consumer provides an email address or cell number, they will then receive an automatic message every time one of their saved listings is either Sold or Edited. If the site has the PUSH Notification embedded in it, the consumer can sign up for an anonymous Alert sent straight to their browser!


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