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SMS Texting and Call Tracking

SMS Texting and Call Tracking Many businesses are turning to tracking number services for a number of reasons. In today's world, the consumer controls the conversation. If they are comfortable they will email you. If they want to maintain some anonymity, they may call you. Old school buyers will drop everything and drive to the business to look you in the eye. New School consumers are more apt to send you a text. Having all options available through your website allows the consumer to progress any way they want. Making them as comfortable as possible during this stage of the buying process undoubtedly produces higher conversion rates.

JTZ Enterprise will purchase one or more local "land line" phone numbers, local to the business. When calls are made to these numbers assigned to you, they get routed to anywhere from 1 to 5 other phone numbers. You would have them going to your business number, and then maybe your cell number, for instance. We can make all numbers ring at the same time or we can ring one number, if no one answers in 2-3 rings, ring the next number, and so on. If you want to answer calls after hours, for instance, then you would put the office number as the first number to ring, then your cell number. After hours an incoming call will ring the office, then ring your cell. When you answer one of these calls, you will hear a "Whisper message" telling you this call came from your website while the consumer hears a similar message, one telling them the call is being recorded for quality assurance purposes. Our call tracking and SMS services are the most compliant in the industry! You have a number of state and federal laws to abide by and we make it impossible for you not to be compliant, period.

That same tracking number can also accept texts. When a text comes in they can be forwarded to up to five other people. So again, you might get them, your manager might get them, and another sales manager might get them. The SMS feature also has an auto reply feature similar to the one for Messenger. Our goal is to help keep the buyer engaged until one of your staff members can get involved. The more engaged they are, the more conversions from shopper to buyer you will see.

Bulk text messaging Robo call services and more are available and in order to get into detail we would be better served to do so either over the phone and/or with our computers tethered together. The bottom line is that in today's technological age, no business should be without this service! All calls and SMS messages can be exported to any and every CRM provider out there from our platform.

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