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Custom Warranty and Classified Websites

A Custom Automotive Warranty Website has no limits on the number of dealerships, contracts, vehicle classifications, or plan types. Dealers log into your website, enter a VIN and miles, and in return get a list of your plans for which the vehicle qualifies according to your warranty guidelines. Then, when they select a plan and submit the buyer and lienholder information, they get a PDF version of your warranty contract already filled out. Your dealers appreciate the efficient, accurate approach to Menu Pricing and your warranty company benefits from knowing when contracts get created, printed, paid for, and more. Call today and let JTZ Enterprise get you started on your warranty website with endless options!

JTZ Enterprise is an Industry Leader in providing Custom Classified Websites. Automotive Classified websites have no limit on the number of dealerships or vehicle listings. We provide Enhanced Inventory Listings, Dealership Profiles, Google Map Integration, Business Hours Displayed, Banner Ad Modules, Print Module, Facebook Share API, push Notifications and more.

JTZ Enterprise helps you help your dealers sell vehicles!

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