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Tiffany & the group at JTZ Enterprise did a marvelous job working with us to update our very outdated website. They listen to what we wanted and complied with everything in a very timely manner. I really enjoyed working with them and hope to again on other projects!


Maguire and Sons Auto Brokers

JTZ has served our companies for over 15 years and are great to deal with. Customer service at the top of the scale. They are knowledgeable of how the web works and offers great suggestions to make our site a success!



All of the staff over at JTZ have been wonderful to work with. Tiffany, Cathy and John have made the website design process very easy. All of our changes have been dealt with in a timely manner and they always answer me back promptly. I highly recommend JTZ Enterprise.


Courtesy Truck World

I had an excellent experience with JTZ, working with Tiffany is been a pleasure I always get a quick response, I will recommend JTZ to all my fellow dealerships, They are the best.


CarBridge Auto

Wonderful Customer Service. I highly recommend using JTZ for your website needs.


International Auto

Great service.....Easy to work with....We been a customer for over three years......


Hott Cars

We are so happy to have a new, updated, fresh look for our website! Thank you, Tiffany and Kathy, for your help and always providing us with great customer service with your quick replies and helpful suggestions! You ladies are very easy to work with and we appreciate that courtesy very much!


Chesapeake Outdoor LLC

We are beyond excited!!! Thank you so much capturing exactly what we wanted! You guys are wonderful to work with and made the transformation and transition so easy! Thanks again so much!

Wendy Scott

Basic Auto Sales

The website is fantastic. Much easier and way more efficient than eBay! Whoever administers the site should get a pat on the back.


JTZ is a great company to design and maintain your website! Tiffany and Kathy are always there for all of your needs and work very hard to ensure your satisfaction.


Auto Land

I don’t believe I have told you how sales have been since we moved over everything to responsive design. I cannot keep up with packing!!!! People are finding us and ordering. Since you have made this change I can see new people registering and then buying. It ranges from 1 to 3 people of new registers per day.
Just letting you know that things are going well with our stores thanks to you!



Customer service is not easy to find in todays fast paced world but let me tell you Kathy at JTZ has always went above and beyond to help out the Auto City team !!!! We thank you all for your help and Kathy is a real blessing to work with.

Matt Hannon, General Manager

Auto City

Y'all have been great to work with and I would highly recommend your business to anyone needing a website provider.

Chris Mewborn

J.H. Fitzgerald, Jr. Logging, Inc.

"Hands Down" has to be the BEST website developers I have ever dealt with, and there have been quiet a few !! Kathy is nothing short of AMAZING with her quick responses to changes we need, and her POSITIVE attitude she always has !! Once again, thanks from all of us here @ Oakboro Auto Group, especially me ;)

Jamie Davis

Oakboro Auto Group

We have OFFICIALLY launched the website, and are so excited! Thank you and your team so so much for all of the help and work you have put into this website.

Kate Bachmeier

EZ Wheel Deals

I am impressed with the quick response!

Ben Twiddy

CTW Equipment

Just want to thank Tiffany and her staff for the amazing job they do on our web site. From personalized attention to quick response when help is needed make our experience with JTZ a pleasant one.

Bill Allen

Allen's Auto Sales

I've worked with JTZ for several years now and have been very pleased with their responsiveness, attention to detail and ability to deliver a good product in a timely manner. Would and have recommended them to anyone that needs a GOOD website.

Susan Giles

Paw Marks

We have been with JTZ for over 9 years. They have provided us excellent customer service. Any question or concern we might have they go above and beyond to give us the correct answer. We have been approached by other competitors, why change when they offer everything our company needs. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them and we will continue to do so. I personally would highly recommend them to anyone with website needs.

Tim Higginbotham

New Millennium Auto Sales

Tiffany, I love what you and your team have done with the website. Thank you so much for putting up with my constant changes and anal attention to detail. I think this will help our users and our company a great deal.

Bronson Aznavorian

East Coast Auto Source

I wanted to thank you for the great work on our site! I got so many emails over the holiday break and the format they are coming in is AWESOME! Everyone is providing all the right info for me to respond efficiently the first time.

Daniel Davis

Davis Offroad

You guys are AWESOME!!! We get lots of postive feedback on our website!!!
Thank you!!!


Tarheel Auto

JTZ Enterprise....
thank you for all your help. We have received many compliments referencing our website. It has certainly been a pleasure dealing with you and your company!!

Mike Byerly

Byerly’s Auto Mart

I actually sold a car from the site today! ... today I had a teacher/coach who didn't want to deal with a salesperson. He chose a car from the website, filled out the app, had a+ credit, came & picked it up tonight! Let's hope we see more of that. THANKS!

Sandra Moss

Moss Motor Company

JTZ Enterprise,
AWESOME.... our inventory is on RV trader now and the website looks great! We have 2 campers hopefully leaving this morning.....they saw them on the internet!!!
I hope everyone at JTZ Enterprise has a wonderful Easter Holiday. You guys are awesome....

Amy Bates

Tarheel Auto Sales of Locust

Thank you ALL so much for the advice, support and services. And for going Above and Beyond. I thank God everyday for people and companies like JTZ Enterprise. It is a pleasure doing business with you!
Thanks for everything!

Carrie Weeks


JTZ Enterprise,
You're a great webmaster - over 45 corrections and updates without a problem. Thank you for your help!

Jesse Miller

the computer rat

JTZ Enterprise,
Just a quick side note, the Google base and you must be doing the job. I was searching Google for a sun crest clock and our site came up on the 1st and 2nd page of Google me that is unheard of for a new site to come up so quickly on the first couple of pages.
Great Job!

Irene Davis

JTZ Enterprise,
Awesome job. I like the new look of the inventory page. Pop & Ken both think it is a great improvement. Keep up the good work.

John W. Newsome

Callao Car Canter

Thank you so much....rarely have I worked with such a professional and skilled team. Thank you for making this process effortless on my part...much appreciated :)

Maria Wood
Inventory Specialist

JTZ Enterprise,
I just wanted to say.. Not only do I LOVE the way your guys reconstructed the website.. I really like being able to edit the other information from the delete/edit screen .. and the way it is presented now. I hadn't really looked at that part since before christmas.. Great .. Thanks..

Roxanne Taylor

Regional Auto Sales

Independent Lifestyles has been with JTZ Enterprises for a couple years now and we have been both pleased and impressed with the great job he and his staff have done to keep the website up-to-date with the latest search engines. When someone is looking for ‘accessible vans’, ‘handicapped vans’, ‘mobility equipment’ and many other key phrases, we get noticed. We’ve had many more hits and inquiries than we thought we’d have. We figured to get some passing interest that could lead to a sale once in a while, but we have had dozens of sales of vans and equipment since we invested in the website. All of the hits are quality hits, people needing our attention and our services. We’ve even managed to complete financial applications and get clients approved using the tools that JTZ Enterprise crafted for us.
We look to JTZ Enterprise to assist us with marketing in other areas, too, because JTZ Enterprise knows cars and how to get them sold. We depend on him to analyze the trends and keep our site fresh and constantly monitor the search engines for us. It’s a great service and worth more than he charges (don’t tell him that).

Independent Lifestyles

JTZ Enterprise Web Site Design and Hosting, VIADA’s website provider, based in Fredericksburg, VA, addressed dealer web sites and emerging capabilities. I’m recommending him to you based upon those discussions.
JTZ Enterprise has a 3-year relationship with VIADA as a provider. JTZ Enterprise provides dealership web site designs, too. (Dealers pay separately for services).
JTZ Enterprise has built functional sites for VIADA dealers with unique features to ensure movement, color, regular updates, and consumer traffic. Dealers interviewed were happy with their efforts.
In addition to the Association web site, JTZ Enterprise designed a separate on-line dealer-to-dealer web-based wholesale network for the Association. This may be of real interest to your Association.
Site’s available to VIADA members for as little as $40 per month. It gives dealers opportunity to sell or acquire additional inventory with dealers across VA, outside regular channels.
It’s a competitor to the OVE Site offered by Manheim AND CHEAPER.
It’s an Association-based resource that might prove valuable to PIADA and other dealer associations, seeking to expand Association-based dealer services in this computer age.
JTZ Enterprise seems particularly cognizant about dealer interests and dealer needs. They incorporated unique features into VIADA’s web site and to those dealer sites demonstrated.
Consumers can search by model, by brand, and by dealer. Site measurements also show growing consumer traffic to the sites.
I’d recommend you give JTZ Enterprise a review as you, the staff, and Board consider various VIADA member services. Lois Keenan can provide background and detail her relationship with this Association vendor.

Pete Lukasiak



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