1. Tap on Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords:
  3. Tap Add Account:
  4. Select Other from Provider list
  5. Select Add Mail Account
  6. In the Name Place Your business name
  7. In the address field place your email address
  8. Place your Password
  9. Select Next
  10. In New Account, select POP
  11. In the Incoming Mail Server Host Name place
  12. In User name place your email address
  13. Password is in dots.
  14. In the Outgoing Mail Server Host name place
  15. In the User name place your email address (not optional)
  16. In the Password field place your password (not optional)
  17. Select SAVE.
  18. Once verified from the Mail Contacts and Calendars page, select the email account you just created by clicking on the arrow located to the right of the Account name.
  19. Scroll down and in outgoing Mail Server SMTP field, select the arrow located on the right of the sever name.
  20. Select the Primary server by touching on the arrow located on the right of the server name.
  21. The Server should be set to On.
  22. In the Use SSL should be ON.
  23. Authentication is set to Password.
  24. Change the Server Port number to 587.
  25. Select Done.
  26. Go back to the Email Account.
  27. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Advanced tab by touching the arrow located on the right of the word Advanced.
  28. In the Box for Delete messages, select after 7 days.
  29. In the Incoming Settings the Use SSL should be ON
  30. Authentication is Password
  31. Delete from server should be set to 7 days
  32. The Server port number is 995.
  33. After verifying leave the mail Contacts and calendars area and Settings area
  34. Go to the Mail Icon on the home screen and select the account you just set up and send yourself a test email.
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