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Have you seen VIADA’s new Responsive Auto Classifieds site?

Monday, February 9th, 2015

JTZ Enterprise proudly introduces to car buyers and VIADA members the new Responsive design at! If it has been a while since you have visited Virginia’s best classifieds website for car shoppers, then point your browser to the site and see how we are revolutionizing online car shopping.

The first stage of a complete website makeover started over six months ago with the dealers’ side of the site. The area which requires a log in was redesigned and the tools available in that area grew, exponentially. For only $40 a month, VIADA members now have access to unlimited OFAC checks, a Craigslist posting tool, a Facebook App, Reputation management, and a CRM area for managing leads, just to name a few of the features. The last new feature we completed was the Window Sticker and Buyer’s Guide Creation tool. Many dealers have responded favorably to this feature and it allows you to first set up as many different warranty plans as are needed, then it allows you to assign those warranty plans to each of your vehicles at the same time you print the warranty stickers. It is so easy to use and there is no additional cost to use this new tool. You have the option of using your own paper to print the FTC stickers and Window Stickers or you can purchase our quality paper stock, both of which stick to the glass on all four sides, like you see on a franchise lot. We even have stickers that can be printed with a laser printer and stick to the outside of the glass.

Once we completed the Dealer Only side of the website, we moved towards improving the shopping experience for all car buyers. Every effort was made to make the website work for all users, regardless of the type of device they are using to view it. That meant rolling out a completely new type of programming to produce the first Responsive Classifieds website available only to VIADA members. Responsive is the new buzz word and it simply means any website utilizing this new type of programming will respond, or adapt, to various screen resolutions and operating systems. Until now, the only way a website owner could ensure their site is able to be viewed by those who surf online with a small device like a phone or tablet was to create a second website, usually with a .mobi extension. These secondary sites are referred to as mobile sites and they are usually a stripped down version of the matching .com site.

The Responsive site allows us to produce a more consistent experience for all shoppers, regardless of which device they use to view the site. However, this is not the only reason we sought out a new programming language. It turns out that when you improve the shopping experience for mobile users, you also get the attention of Google and others. Search engines are constantly visiting this site in an effort to determine what search keywords and phrases they would attach to the site for future searches. At the same time they are spidering the site, they are also rating the experience a mobile user has when they visit the site. Once you improve the mobile experience, either with a mobile site or a Responsive design, we have seen the traffic coming from search engines grow as much as 40% or more, almost over night! Search engine traffic is the most coveted type of traffic and if you can increase your search engine traffic substantially, you will also increase your website’s ROI.

Once a shopper starts their search for their next used car or truck at they now see several new tools available to them. These new tools are designed to keep the shopper engaged with the website longer. For instance, if the shopper has created a search for a vehicle that matches their needs, desires, and/or price range, they can now save their search so that when they revisit the site they don’t have to start all over with creating that search.

Likewise, the new site allows shoppers to save vehicles they feel match their needs. Often times a shopper will start looking for their next automobile days or even weeks before they are actually ready to purchase something and this new feature allows them to keep an eye on what they want while they are working on getting their money together, for instance.

About a year ago we implemented one of the most successful lead generation tools when we introduced the Tell A Friend lead. Our shoppers who find a vehicle they could be interested can fill out a simple form to have the URL of that listing sent to their friend or family member. Well, since then we have a new powerhouse of lead generation implemented in the new Responsive auto classifieds website! Now shoppers can click a button to save multiple listings they are interested in. With one click they can compare those listings side by side. They can narrow down their search results or continue adding and comparing other listings. Once they have their search results narrowed down the car buyer can set an Auto Alert. This alert will go out automatically any time the selling dealer edits anything about any listing they have an Alert monitor set for. This means if a shopper has saved one of your listings and you subsequently change the price, add to the description, or better yet, you sell it, an automatic email will go out to the shopper.

Other new features include things like our new SEO friendly urls, enhanced vehicle displays and our “lazy load” feature which eliminates the need to click to the second page of search results. Even if your search produces thousands of listings there is never a need to click to the next page. Each search starts off automatically with 25 listings and when the shopper scrolls close to the bottom, another 25 listings pop up and continue doing so until all listings are displayed. This has substantially increased the number of listings getting displayed.

If you have not seen the new take a minute to check it out. When you are ready to put the power of membership on your side, sign up with and start seeing the benefits so many other members already enjoy!

Happy shopping!