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Facts to consider when looking ahead to 2010

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Did you know? recently unveiled a new look and design. All the same features are there and a few new ones such as the Blog area, easier navigation features, and updating the VIADA brand image to include “From the Mountains to the Sea”. Give Lois, David and the staff all the credit.

Did you know? The first website ever registered was on March 15, 1985.

Did you know? By 2008 the number of surfers grew to almost 1.5 billion surfers in 2008.

Did you know? 215 million (or more than 70%) Americans use the Internet today. It took 38 years for the radio to reach 50 million homes. It took 13 years for the television to reach the same levels. It took the Internet just five years.

Did you know? When you are using any Internet Browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox are the most popular) you can click the F3 button above the numbers on your keyboard and it will allow you to search that page for text. Let’s say you Googled “appendicitis symptoms” and you followed a link to a medical site that appears to talk about everything else other than what you want to know. Google sent you there for a reason so searching for the same keywords with this feature will bring you to the area of the page pertaining to your search.

Did you know? You can get the answer to just about any question by Googling it. This term is used when you search for anything at search engines like

Did you know? In 1990 the phrase “World Wide Web” was created by Tim Berners-Lee.

Did you know? There are over 333 million active email accounts in the US in 2008. In fact, it is said the use of email and instant messaging has significantly reduced long distance calls for both individuals and businesses. There is a real shift of people canceling their landline in favor of cell and Internet phone options.

Did you know? The computer in your cell phone today is a million times cheaper, a thousand times more powerful and one hundred thousand times smaller than the computer built at MIT in 1965.

Did you know? If MySpace was a country and the number of users represented its population it would be considered the eleventh largest country in the world.

Did you know? recently got a new look. If you go to our Blog area you can see a complete archive of The Internet Corner articles submitted over the last several years.

Did you know? You can highlight text when looking at just about any type of program, as long as that text is not part of an image, by dragging your mouse over the desired text. Once you have it highlighted hold down the CTL key (the control key is to the left and even with your space bar) and then click the C key. This will copy the text (and in some cases images also) to a clipboard. Now if you open another program, maybe your email, you can place the cursor where you want to put the text, hold down the CTL key and click the V key to paste what you have on the clipboard to the message. This is handy if you want to make changes to your website because you can highlight, copy and paste what you want changed to an email, make then changes and send it. Your web people can then paste it into your site’s code and there is no chance for error.

Did you know? JTZ Enterprise website owners have eight different counters available to them. These not only tell you how many people visit your website but also where they came from, where they went in your site, how long they stayed and a whole lot more. When surfers visit your site via search engines these counters can even tell you what keywords were used to find you and which search engines are driving the most traffic to you.

Did you know? (VUCD) recently implemented a VIN decoder. It is not as robust as the one seen by our window sticker users but it has made it easier and faster for those entering their vehicles manually.

Did you know? When you advertise your cars on VUCD they also show up on several other free automotive classified websites automatically. Look for your cars in places like, and You also have access to a tool that helps you get your cars listed one at a time on Craigslist.

Did you know? The cell phone or “mobile device” will be the primary source of Internet connection by 2020.

Did you know? gets more visitors every month than we have members. Non-members use this site to buy forms and to get education class information.

Did you know? is at the end of its inaugural year and what a success! Traffic to the website for the Military Appreciation Purchase Program is strong and the leading sources of third party traffic (clicks from non search engine sites) come from several news articles introducing the program and saying great things about VIADA and its members. The URLs are long but if you email me I will reply with links to these articles.

Did you know? In the beginning Yahoo! listed their search results in alphabetical order. This is why Amazon got so much exposure early on.

Did you know? The average surfer today will visit 60 websites in a month and view more than a thousand pages and spend 25 hours doing it.

Did you know? The Obama campaign spent three million dollars on Internet advertising during the campaign with more than two million of that going to Google for Pay Per Clicks.

Did you know? Advertising dollars spent on Internet are growing at double digit rates while spending on T.V, radio and newspapers is declining at double digit rates. Some newspapers, which had been around for almost a hundred years or more, have already gone under.

Did you know? According to the most recent Manheim Market Report, 54% of all walk-in traffic has already visited your dealership online. That would mean a dealer with out a site is getting only 46% of the walk-ins…

Did you know? The facts in this article were obtained from the Internet.