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How many birds can we get with one stone?

Monday, July 24th, 2006

VIADA’s website,, is more than just an inexpensive way to advertise online. All members are able to list their entire inventory along with photos on this site for as little as $35 a month. The first benefit to a participating member is exposure to thousands of car buyers that went online and searched for a used car or car dealer in Virginia or in your city or town. The site continues to grow every month in the total number of visitors as well as in the number of participating dealers. But the benefits do not stop there.

Probably the best part of is the way it “educates” today’s consumer about who and what VIADA is all about. Up to now, the average car buyer could not tell you what the VIADA Symbol of Quality represent. VIADA is no longer the best kept secret and today’s car buyer appreciates the knowledge of VIADA’s members adhering to our Code of Ethics promoting fair trade.

When participating members sign up for VUCD, they also gain access to a Members Only Wholesale Listing page. When adding vehicle listings some members choose to input a wholesale price or the price they would sell the unit for to another dealer. Only those listings with wholesale prices will then be displayed on a Wholesale Price page inside the Members Only area of This is a great way for some of our members that are wholesale dealers to take advantage of this site because it allows them to reach VIADA members looking to purchase vehicles. It is also a great way for a member that has an old unit to advertise it on a wholesale level in an effort to turnover aged inventory.

At the most recent VIADA Board Meeting we were able to launch the newest member benefit of this site. For those dealers that include a wholesale price in their listings, we are now able to export those same listings and all the corresponding photos directly to Online Vehicle Exchange. OVE is Manheim’s version of Ebay. Dealers all across the country use OVE to buy and sell vehicles on a wholesale level without stepping a foot in the lanes. Once we export the data and photos to them they will then set up an auction for each listing on their site for free. The selling dealer will have to activate the auction by logging on to OVE and indicating whether or not each listing has any frame damage or paint work. The listing and the auction are free until it sells. Each time an auction ends with a winning bid, the selling dealer will then bring the vehicle to the nearest Manheim auction at which time it will be put through a verification/arbitration process and be shipped to the buying dealer. At that time both buyer and seller will pay OVE $125.

If you would like more information about OVE please contact Mike Reinhard of OVE at 443-336-2856. This is a new way for Buyers and Sellers to get together and while it is still in the beginning stages they have a team of people dedicated to making this a success.

Another VUCD benefit is the ability to have your inventory listings at all other third party link exchange sites managed all in one place. Dealers that list their cars on VIADA’s site as well as at other sites like, Auto Extra and others can now let us export their inventory data and photos to these other companies automatically every day. There is no additional charge for this service either and all you need to do is let JTZ Enterprise know what other sites you are signed up with and we will begin sending them your inventory data right away. Not only does this save you a lot of time and effort but it also ensures you that all your vehicle listings are up to date and consistent no matter what website they are found on.

The most obvious benefit of is that it exposes your inventory to thousands of Virginia Car Buyers every month. But the benefits do not stop there. If you are a participating member and want to know more about some of these other benefits, give us a call. If you have yet to sign up for VUCD, give it a try. Not only will it bring more car buyers to your dealership, it will also make your online advertising hassle free.

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