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A lot of exciting things happening online for VIADA members

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

Many exciting things have happened for VIADA members and JTZ Enterprise recently. First, we encourage all those members (and non-members) that have not recently visited to do so right away. JTZ Enterprise has given this website a completely new look and feel in an effort to make the site easier to read and navigate. This has been a large task because the site currently has well over 70 pages. There is something for every car dealer. The site has two distinct parts, a public area and a Members Only area. The first area gives dealers all across the commonwealth important information such as what it takes to open or relocate a dealership, how to sign up for the Required Education and what events the association has coming up. Car buyers can get links to the DMV site, the MVDB site, and other automotive industry related sites such as The Members Only area gives all VIADA members access to the News and Brief, NIADA’s Legal and Legislative Review and other publications. More and more dealers are logging on to the site to purchase forms. Remember, members get additional savings over non-members and in order to get those discounts you will want to log in with your dealership’s zip code and VIADA Member Number. We ask all dealers to review the site and be sure to get back to the VIADA headquarters with your thoughts and suggestions.

The next exciting new thing to come about pertains to those VIADA members that list their inventory at VUCD. Carbiz approached the association just before the convention last September asking if there were a way they could help members manage their listings at VUCD. We worked in conjunction with Carbiz to develop the new part of their software that allows VIADA members using Carbiz as their F&I software provider to manage their online inventory and photos with just one click. Now, after a dealer has sold the cars and trucks, added the new units, and edited prices and miles of all in stock items they can now upload all of that data, including photos, to VUCD from within the Carbiz software. This is an effort to make your job easier freeing you up to do what you do best, SELL MORE CARS! If you are a current customer of VUCD and want to know more about this new program feature, contact Carbiz or JTZ Enterprise today!

Another time saving feature was just completed now that we can now export your inventory data to Trader Online. Instead of adding, editing and deleting your vehicles at several locations every time you buy or sell a vehicle, all you have to do is update your data at We will automatically update your inventory at Trader Online’s site. Your data and photos are updated with Trader every morning without you having to do anything. For those that have found it a hassle to manage your listings every other day at Trader Online (or else your inventory goes off line) we have taken all the work out of it for you.

Not only will your inventory listings be going to Trader’s site, they will also be sent to Yahoo!’s automotive search tool. Yahoo! is one of the largest search engines on the web and this will only mean additional exposure to your inventory from thousands of car buyers every day. Even if you are not currently a contracted dealer with Trader Online, we can still send your inventory data to them and Yahoo!. Your vehicle listings will only be a Basic listing which means little or no description, no photos, and no links back to your website. But if a web surfer wants more information on one of your vehicle listings they will get your dealership’s name and phone number so they can contact you directly.

In order for us to send your data to them JTZ Enterprise needs to have on file a signed authorization giving us permission to do so. If you would like to have a copy of this authorization or if you have any questions about this new member benefit, please call our office at 540-286-0801.

I would like to end this article by congratulating a few people and welcoming a few others. First, congratulations goes out to Tina Allman of for being recognized as this year’s Quality Dealer of the Year. This recognition is a testament to not only what type of car dealer she is but also what kind of person she is. Good job, Tina! Another congratulations goes out to Zackery Owens of Presidential Automotive Group for being elected State president of VIADA. The challenges that we face as an association and as an industry are many and I cannot think of a better person to have at the helm. I am sure Mr. Owens will do us all proud.

Finally, I want to welcome all the new faces at VIADA. Most members are aware the association has had a few changes in the staff. I would like to welcome Deb Blecha, Andria Hills and Latoya Blazmore. I know all members will make each of these ladies feel welcome and give the time necessary for them to grow into their rolls in the association. Good luck ladies!