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VIADA Members Win!

Wednesday, February 9th, 2005

In an effort to increase member benefits and gain some much needed recognition and confidence from the car buying public, VIADA has created a site for Members Only. JTZ Enterprise is proud to host the Inventory Clearinghouse website for only those used car dealers that are current members of Virginia Independent Automobile Dealers Association. By joining VIADA, members are dedicated to fair dealing and have committed to abiding by the Code of Ethics as set in the association’s charter. Why continue keeping this a secret from the public? Now the communities all across Virginia will discover there is something that sets you apart from all the other area dealers. They now have a valuable tool when choosing a car dealer.

Some dealers already pay hundreds of dollars a month for the same type of Internet advertising. If we work together as a group of dealers and reach out to the car buyer, everybody wins!


The car buyer wins several ways. First, by being able to shop hundreds of dealerships and thousands of vehicles all at one site without having to click on hundreds of sites or visiting dozens of dealerships. Next, the customer knows a reputable dealer is selling all of the vehicles they view. Finally, all the cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s are located in their home state of Virginia, often right out their back door.


The dealer wins by having additional, continuous and targeted exposure to their inventory and that it is being displayed online twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year! Next, the dealer participating in this website experiences additional click through traffic to their dealership’s website. The biggest advantage a dealer has will be seen in the monthly sales report!


VIADA wins by gaining the recognition and confidence of the public. All members have been reminded over and over to display the Symbol of Quality and the VIADA logo in every form of advertising. Many of us have it on our website, pasted in our shop windows and printed on our cards but what does that mean to our customers? Imagine if the Symbol of Quality held as much weight as the ASE logo does for your mechanic. If a car buyer knows they have a better chance of being treated fairly by doing business with a member of VIADA they will look for our Symbol of Quality as they are picking out their next car or truck. When this begins to happen, other dealers will take notice and VIADA enrollment will increase. Other than some much needed recognition and increased membership, VIADA also benefits by receiving a portion of all proceeds to this site. Additional revenue for the association allows them to better service the members at less cost to them.

JTZ Enterprise is an industry leader in providing quality website design. Since 1997 we have been driving traffic to car dealers’ websites and we know how to maximize website traffic as well as take full advantage of Search Engine Listings. If each car dealer were to take the same advertising approach we take, it would only drive up everybody’s cost of advertising. By coming together we can pool our advertising dollars and experience the best of all worlds!

Your customer wins! Your association wins! Best of all, YOU WIN! Call us today and get started with Let JTZ Enterprise unlock the Internet for you!