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Our Most Valued Asset, Our Customers!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

Often times when we are selling our product or service we wind up selling ourselves. When you think about it the customer can find the product or service we offer on just about any street corner. If that customer has taken the time to shop, they obviously want it. It is just a matter of where they are going to find it or in other words, to whom they are going to give their business!

When selling some of the finer points of JTZ Enterprise, I catch myself focusing on the good things about us and the things we do really good. When given a chance to sit back and reflect on recent sales, I realize that the most often overlooked asset to our company is also our most valuable asset; our customers. For that reason I am dedicating this article to the customers that have made us what we are today.

JTZ Enterprise has designed, hosted and maintained hundreds of websites, Ebay auctions and other Internet advertising pages since 1995. No two websites or auctions are alike and neither are any two clients! When setting up a website for the first time we focus heavily on getting to know our new client, their business and then their product. In that order. Only then are we able to build a unique approach for their website that fits their image. It is in this critical phase of development that we learn some interesting things about them.

For instance, we have the owner of He has been selling cars in the Richmond area for over a dozen years with his family by his side. But before that, he worked for a company and was instrumental in developing specialty papers such as strippable wallpaper and flameproof paper. Then there is the owner of He runs a successful Hobby shop in Woodbridge Virginia specializing in R/C cars and planes as well as train sets. Before that he ran his own machine shop for twenty years. My prayers are with him as he is now facing medical issues but to say he is unique would be an understatement!

I would be remiss to leave out the owner of, a car dealer in Virginia since 1979. He had a beautiful single daughter I fell in love with and married over twelve years ago. I also sold cars for him for almost ten years.

One of our first clients, the owners of, are two people I always look forward to meeting with. Before they established a successful car dealership in Northern Virginia they were in to the big time entertainment scene. The Big Band scene that is! He can still beat those drums and she looks ready to hit the road every time I see her. Just don’t ride in a golf cart with her driving!

As a Webmaster, it is fun to watch a business grow and mature. For instance, the owner of got his start by working out of his mom’s garage with a bucket and a sponge. Currently he has a full detail service, drive thru carwash and Mobil Lube Express business next to the Arlington DMV location. Then there is the owner of who had a similar start in the detail business and now has six mobile vans that come to your home or office to clean your car. He is well known to Pentagon workers with clean cars and has done a great job developing his company image.

I am proud to be selling cars for the owner of, one of our first clients. I am happy to have become friends with the owners,, and I consider each one of these people friends first, clients second.

We see them come from all walks of life. The owner of has a golf game to die for. The owner of is a retired high ranking military officer. One of our clients most committed to detail is the owner of

The client we have gotten a lot of satisfaction from serving is you, the owners of For several years now we have been this site’s Webmaster and have watched this site grow from one page with five broken links to a site with over seventy unique pages.

At JTZ Enterprise, we take pride in the work we render. We are proud of our clients and honored to have the opportunity to get to know them. We are a small business but as long as we keep getting clients like the ones we have now we will be happy!