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If they know you’re there, they will come!

Thursday, October 9th, 2003

In the baseball movie, Field of Dreams, it was stated that if Kevin Costner’s character built a ball field, they would come. Unfortunately when it comes to websites, it is not as easy.
When building a website it is imperative you incorporate your other forms of advertising already in use for your business. If you have been in business for any amount of time, chances are you have already developed an advertising campaign. You already have business cards drawn up using the colors you picked, the font face you like, and images, logos and slogans that best depict your business approach.

When creating a website you are simply creating an extension of your advertising campaign. Consistency is key! Realize that the only way many of your clients will know your website address is through your other forms of advertising. That is why it is important to ALWAYS include your website address in all other forms of advertising. If a potential car buyer sees your ad in the Yellow Pages, newspaper or gets a business card of yours from one of your happy customers, they should see somewhere in each form of advertising your website address. If they turn on the computer and go straight to your website, they should see the same ‘approach’ in it as they encountered in your other forms of advertising.

Now, what about those potential car buyers out there that do not already have your URL? If you get on the Internet and are interested in finding a used car, truck or SUV but do not have any idea where to begin looking, you would point your browser to one of many search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Lycos. These sites are nothing more than indexes of other sites available on the Internet. When researching the sites of other dealers, I am struck by the number of dealers that do not optimize their site for search engine registration. For instance, Trader Online hosts many dealers’ sites and when they develop them they do not mimic your existing advertising campaign. They use the same design for one site as they do for all. Most Trader hosted sites use the same images for the menu of the site, the same page layout for the home page, inventory page, credit application, etc. This is a cookie cutter approach to building sites and it eliminates or reduces the identity you have worked so hard to build for your business. Unfortunately, Trader stops there. They give you an opportunity to optimize your site for search engines by adding to the site programming certain keywords and phrases used by search engines to rank your site. But, they do not assist or even register the site with any search engine. Most dealers do not know this and this important step often goes overlooked. Worse yet, many are not aware that their site is not even listed with the search engines. That means when I type “used Dodge in Virginia” in the search box at Yahoo!, your site will not come up as a possible choice. Unless you personally register your site with all the search engines, your site will experience far less traffic than others that are listed. JTZ Enterprise not only builds a professional, effective site that is unique to your business, but we also optimize your site with keywords and descriptive statements and then register your site with over 300 of the top search engines. We do this annually so as to reflect any changes your site may have taken. For less than what Trader charges for two months of hosting, we can develop a site that matches your business approach, not our own, for an entire year!
If you feel like you should be getting more sales from your site, look at your counter. You are not going to get ten Internet sales from a handful of visitors. To increase the number of sales from your site you need to increase the number of visitors. To increase the number of visitors to your site you need to do two things: advertise your website address yourself in every way possible and be sure your site is registered with at least the major search engines.

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