Logging into SAO Inventory App

  • Go to Play Store or App Store
  • Search JTZ Inventory Manager
  • Download App
  • Input Username (SAO Log-In) and Password (SAO Password)
  • Log In

Add a New Vehicle

  • Click Add New Vehicle
  • Click Enter VIN Manually
    • Enter the VIN in the form field
    • Click Decode
    • Next page gives you the option to edit any of the vehicle information.
    • Must Click SAVE to save the vehicle you just manually inputted.
    • Will receive a pop up that says Listing Added, Click OK
  • Scan VIN Barcode
    • Open vehicle driver side door and scan the VIN Barcode
    • Once scanned, you may then change any of the basic information, video/ comments, options, extended options, images.
    • Click SAVE or the vehicle will not be saved
    • After clicking SAVE, pop up window appears and reads Listing Added, Click OK

Edit Vehicle

  • Click Edit Vehicle
  • Click the vehicle you would like to edit
    • Different options to click on from here
      • Basic Information
        • you may edit all vehicle information
      • Video/Comments
        • You may add a YouTube Video Link
        • You may also add Comments
      • Options
        • You may edit the vehicle Options
      • Extended Options
        • You may edit the vehicle Extended Options
      • Images
        • you may take pictures, add, delete and rotate vehicle pictures
      • Always CLICK SAVE
  • If you have a lot of Inventory, you may click in the search field and type a vehicle to search

Delete Vehicle

  • Click Delete Vehicle
  • Choose which vehicle you would like to delete
  • It will ask again Are you sure you want to delete this vehicle? This Action cannot be undone.
  • If you are certain you want to delete that vehicle then click Delete
  • It deletes immediately and takes you back to home page

Add Client

  • Click Add Client
  • Click Add Client Manually
    • Fill in the form completely
    • Then Click Submit
  • Scan License
    • Scan the bigger barcode
    • Click Submit
    • You will see a success statement. Click ok

SMS Messages

  • Click SMS Messages
  • You may read or reply to SMS Messages
  • To reply to a message click on the message, then scroll to the bottom then you may type a message then click reply to send the message.
  • If you have multiple tracking numbers, click on the arrow button on the right side of the text- ALL NUMBERS- you may sort through messages by each phone number.

Log Out

    Click Log Out
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